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Stem Cells Facial Treatment

  • 1 h
  • 129 New Zealand dollars
  • Rose Beauty Spa

Service Description

How does Microneedling with Stem Cells work? How does Microneedling with Stem Cells work? At ROSE, we use an FDA-approved, hand-held pen device that delivers tiny microneedle punctures at a safe and effective depth. Longer needles are used on parts of the body, while shorter needles are used on the face. The precise delivery system is quick and painless, with amazing results. Prior to the microneedling, a topical anesthetic is applied to make the procedure comfortable. Stem cells are applied to the skin then microneedling will begin so the stem cells can be penetrated down to the dermis. Then your Ww will roll the Skin Pen device across the targeted areas, delivering minute pinpricks to the skin. The injuries are so tiny they are hardly visible to the naked eye and do not damage the skin. Immediately following the procedure, the skin will be inflamed, similar to a sunburn, but beneath the surface, stem cells are actively working to renew, repair, and multiply. As your body’s natural growth factors are stimulated, the skin’s firmness, tone, and texture improve. New collagen in the upper dermis can take up to a year to mature, which is another reason why microneedling with stem cells can provide lasting results. Over the years, thanks to extensive research, clinical studies, and real-life results, stem cells have proven to be a valuable key to easing and reversing the signs of aging. Stem cells possess the unique ability to morph into any cell in the body and then replicate indefinitely to self-renew, which works wonders as an anti-aging treatment.

Contact Details

  • 47 high street, Chancery Arcade, CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand


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